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Rose's Journey Purpose



Domestic Violence has devastated our lives!!


Our Precious Rose was murdered due to intimate partner/domestic violence at a very young and tender age. Rose’s life and dreams were taken away from her. Her children were her life. After her passing, we discovered there is an emergent need for a place for children who lost a loved one  can come to and meet other children who are also going through their journey. Some place they can come and talk about their feelings and know that someone understands. These children need to feel safe. We want to help these children who lost a loved one by being a vehicle of healing in a group setting with other children and being a mentor for them and make them feel safe and let them know that they are not alone in their journey of healing.


There is a need for a place where women, who are going through a domestic violence situation can come to and feel safe and know that there are people who understand because they have walked in their shoes. A place where they can come to and get all the help possible to heal and get on their feet.


Rose’s Journey is an non- profit organization of people who has been or is going through this journey of healing and people who just want to assist in the healing process these women and children.


We, as a non-profit organization, want to be raise awareness and educate the communiuty at large about Intimate Partner/Domestic Violence but also be a voice for Rose and other women.

Our Distiguished  members are listed below:


  • Jinaki A ( Chairperson)

  • Renee B  (Vice Chairperson)

  • Gracie S    (Chief Officer of Therapeutic Services)

  • Rashwawn G (Chief Financial Officer)

       Ms. Sanders ( Founder- C.E.O)

  • Tria J (Executive Assistant)

  • Angela A( Public Relations Officer)





















Our Members

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